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Scary Stories Suitable for Kids and Adults

The Whispering Woods podcast is devoted to the darker side of life.  If you like to get scared to death by real life ghost stories, join us every Sunday as we discuss and share true, scary stories suitable for kids and adults.  We cover all areas of the paranormal from ancient folklore to modern hauntings.    

Using immersive audio, The Whispering Woods transports listeners to another time, or even realm.  Join us as we explore the unimaginable and terrifying, relaying tales of the supernatural from poltergeists to cryptids, The Hat Man to skinwalkers. 

Meet the Team




Joint host of the podcast, plus writer, editor, researcher etc. Sarah is a working mother of three (and 'Ninny' to one) and has been obsessed with horror and the paranormal since an early age.  Back in the 80's she would gather her friends during the wet summer holidays to record scary stories with her cassette player and drag them on ghost hunts to a creepy, abandoned nunnery, just for fun.  Not much has changed really!




The apple never really falls far from the tree they say and like mum, Tobie is also obsessed with anything scary. The other joint host of the show can often be found gorging himself on creepy TikTok stories and no longer cries for his mummy when spooked.  He actually looks forward to his nightmares - well each to their own...




The music man of the show, in his real life Rog is a photographer and old punk!  Rog arranges the musical elements for the podcast and, being Sarah's partner, has to endure her particular taste in paranormal TV, real life ghost stories and scary podcasts.  If you'd like to learn more about his photography, you can view his wonderful cow pictures by clicking here to visit his website




Singer, songwriter and musician, Maisey created the theme tune for The Whispering Woods podcast and is currently studying for her BA Hons in Music.  Maisey is also a new punk and you can learn more about her music by visiting her Instagram page here 




Our assistant researcher, who also enjoys a good scare, Molly is a keen artist and is currently studying for her GCSE's.  When she's not researching scary stories for the podcast, Molly loves a good horror movie, the more gore the better!

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